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ReStream Services

Recycling Audit

ReStream recommends every business do a full recycling audit every year.  Our eight-step audit process will thoroughly review your current operations allowing our team to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique service needs.  We will then develop a plan to help your company achieve its sustainability and Net Zero Waste goals.

Compliance Review

ReStream will work with your staff to produce and review a compliance checklist to make sure everything at your facility is running smoothly and efficiently.  Together we will make an assessment as to whether the provisions of applicable laws, rules and regulations with relevant authorities are in full compliance.

Contract Review

ReStream will review service agreements for all locations  under which your company is currently operating. All service levels will be reviewed and evaluated for correct sizing and scheduling.  All options will be discussed to ensure maximum efficiency.


ReStream’s logistics department will haul your company’s feedstock from point of origination directly to our processing/manufacturing facilities.  Every size roll-off container/receiver box from 10 cubic yards to 50 cubic yards is readily available. 

Odor Control

If your facility is dealing with odors from compactors/vertical balers or other areas ReStream can help.  We offer a variety of solutions to odor problems facing all industries. 

Equipment Leasing

ReStream offers our clients a full array of new and refurbished equipment options to streamline their needs.   Convenient purchase, lease and rental agreements are available to fit any budget.